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Dtel Media Group is certified in the installation of category 5e and category 6 data cable.


Dtel Media Group will install, test, certify, and label all data cable and associated termination outlets,i.e. patch panels,and jacks.


Dtel Media Group will use the best termination equipment available on the market today,to assure a clean installation for future additions without crossing cables,or dangling wires.


Dtel Media Group will keep your communication equipment room clean and orderly,with posted records, periodic visits to inspect the integrity of your cable and cable management equipment.


Dtel Media Group will rearrange,replace,or repair any existing cable that has been damaged,out-dated,or does not meet the standards, for todays high speed data traffic.


Let Dtel Media Group build and maintain your  communications infrastructure network.






Call our service department at (405) 216-0204


E-mail us at service@dtelmediagroup.com



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